Encountering Jesus
April to June

Our sermon series following Easter will be about "Encountering Jesus".  We'll take a closer look at some of Jesus' interactions with people, specifically the marginalized and vulnerable.

April 11th: "Road to Emmaus" by Martin Vernon

April 18th: "Across Borders with Jesus" by Rod Miller

April 25th: "The Encounter with the Woman at the Well" by Dennis Scott

May 2nd: "A Sinner's Faith: Looking Through the Eyes of Jesus" by Craig Murray

May 9th:  "Never Forgotten" by Chris Yue

May 16th:  "Blind and Bound; Seen and Being Found" by Jonathan Michael

May 23rd: "tba" by Mark Anderson

Lament: Making Room For Brokenness
Blessed are those who mourn: God's gift of lament


A brief overview of the sermon series by date:

Feb 14th:  What is Lament (and what isn't lament).  We'll take a look at the four common elements that make up lament.  

Feb 21st:  Why (and how) is lament Christian? Why does God invite us into lament?  We will look at accepting lament as an act of faith and a gift from God.

Feb 28th:  Choosing to turn to God in acknowledging our pain, suffering and sorrow.

Mar 7th:  Learning to lament and recovering the power of lamentations. How can we habituate ourselves to lament rightly?

Mar 14th:  Lament as participation in the pain of others.  Learning to share our laments.

Mar 21st:  How can we as a community create spaces for lament?  What does this look like?   

Mar 29th (Palm Sunday): Preparing your hearts and trusting in God   

Apr 2nd (Good Friday):  Lament with Jesus: Psalm 22   

Apr 4th (Easter Sunday):  Man of Sorrows; King of Hope

January Sermon Series
Micah 6:8

Jan 3rd: Theme Verse Sunday for 2021.  Romans 12:12

Jan 10th: Micah 6:8 "Act Justly"

Jan 17th: Micah 6:8 "Love Mercy"

Jan 24th: Micah 6:8 "Walk Humbly"

Jan 31st: Micah 6:8: Overview and Young Life Update from Jamie Kirk

Catch Our Advent series on Youtube: Jesus As The 'Child Of'
Advent Sermon Series


This advent season we will be taking a look at:

Nov 29th: Jesus as the child of man

Dec 6th: Jesus as the child of God

Dec 13th: Jesus as the child of David

Dec 20th: Jesus as the child of Mary