August 25, 2019
Guest Speaker


Romans 12:1-2
Formation & Calling

Welcome to Randy Hein, our guest speaker today.  “Randy has been a pastor in Victoria for the past 20 years. After an academic sabbatical used to research the relationship between community, faith and art, he has come together with a grassroots group of leaders to give birth to Hollydene Community Church. Randy is super passionate about community, justice issues, the local arts scene, coffee, and his beloved Canucks. After all these years, the love of Jesus still amazes him. He has incredible fondness for young leaders and desires to see them mentored relationally, developed theologically and engaged socially. Randy also works part-time for Vision Ministries and has taught occasionally at Auxano Bible School.  He lives with his wife Marcy and their two adult children Caleb and Sarah.”