This Sunday Oct 17th we are starting a new Teaching Series, called “I Believe In…’, specifically looking at the Apostles' Creed for the next several months.  Craig is teaching this weekend, introducing the series and focusing on God the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth... 


In this series we'll be studying the teachings of Jesus.  It could be a parable or it could be Jesus' words from the Bible.  Either way it will be focused on what Jesus had to say.  How he said it. and who he said it to.

June 20th- Laurie Burridge will introduce our series with his sermon titled:  Talking in Pictures

June 27th - Clayton Dougan:  Two Very Different Prodigals

July 4th - Mark Anderson: 2 Parables; 3 Verses

July 11th - Shirley Vargas:  Three Prayerables

July 18th - Laurie Burridge:  Practical Christianity

July 25th - Craig Murray:  Who Jesus Says We Are

Aug 1st - Dennis Scott:  Feeding of the 5000

Aug 8th - Craig Murray:  The Sower and the Seed

Aug 15th - New Leadership Team members Intros & Testimonies

Aug 22nd - Craig Murray:  Jesus on fasting, and other changes

Aug 29th - Rod Miller:  The Great Banquet

Sept 5th - Craig Murray:  For me, I will build on...

Sept. 12 - Craig Murray:  Our Story in God's Story




Encountering Jesus
April to June

Our sermon series following Easter will be about "Encountering Jesus".  We'll take a closer look at some of Jesus' interactions with people, specifically the marginalized and vulnerable.

April 11th: "Road to Emmaus" by Martin Vernon

April 18th: "Across Borders with Jesus" by Rod Miller

April 25th: "The Encounter with the Woman at the Well" by Dennis Scott

May 2nd: "A Sinner's Faith: Looking Through the Eyes of Jesus" by Craig Murray

May 9th:  "Never Forgotten" by Chris Yue

May 16th:  "Blind and Bound; Seen and Being Found" by Jonathan Michael

May 23rd: "Fishing with Jesus" by Mark Anderson

May 30th: "Jesus and Beelzebub" Zoom Service, sermon by Dennis Scott

June 6th: "Good News For Pharisees Like Me" by Randy Hein

June 13th "Jesus and Zaccheus" by Alan Taylor

Lament: Making Room For Brokenness
Blessed are those who mourn: God's gift of lament


A brief overview of the sermon series by date:

Feb 14th:  What is Lament (and what isn't lament).  We'll take a look at the four common elements that make up lament.  

Feb 21st:  Why (and how) is lament Christian? Why does God invite us into lament?  We will look at accepting lament as an act of faith and a gift from God.

Feb 28th:  Choosing to turn to God in acknowledging our pain, suffering and sorrow.

Mar 7th:  Learning to lament and recovering the power of lamentations. How can we habituate ourselves to lament rightly?

Mar 14th:  Lament as participation in the pain of others.  Learning to share our laments.

Mar 21st:  How can we as a community create spaces for lament?  What does this look like?   

Mar 29th (Palm Sunday): Preparing your hearts and trusting in God   

Apr 2nd (Good Friday):  Lament with Jesus: Psalm 22   

Apr 4th (Easter Sunday):  Man of Sorrows; King of Hope

January Sermon Series
Micah 6:8

Jan 3rd: Theme Verse Sunday for 2021.  Romans 12:12

Jan 10th: Micah 6:8 "Act Justly"

Jan 17th: Micah 6:8 "Love Mercy"

Jan 24th: Micah 6:8 "Walk Humbly"

Jan 31st: Micah 6:8: Overview and Young Life Update from Jamie Kirk

Catch Our Advent series on Youtube: Jesus As The 'Child Of'
Advent Sermon Series


This advent season we will be taking a look at:

Nov 29th: Jesus as the child of man

Dec 6th: Jesus as the child of God

Dec 13th: Jesus as the child of David

Dec 20th: Jesus as the child of Mary