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The People walking in Darkness …

Isaiah 9:2

The people walking in darkness
walking in depression
walking in anxiety
walking in grief
walking in fear
lost and alone

Have seen a great light
a great hope
a great peace
a great joy
a great love
a Saviour

On those living in the land of deep darkness
the land ravaged by famine
the land torn by war
the land shattered by injustice
the land numbed by affluence
a broken and hurting world

A light has dawned
a hope has dawned
a peace has dawned
a joy has dawned
a love has dawned
God is with us

By Leane Winger

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Three varying quotations we can ponder:-
Corrie ten Boom: “You don’t realize Christ is all you need until He is all you have.”.
Leonard Cohen: “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
Keith Price “Don’t ditch in the darkness what you learned in the light.”.