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Dear SBF family,

We want to provide you with further information about the presentation on women in leadership in the church at This is on our YouTube channel,

Since the email bulk mailing program we use does not allow us to add attachments we have placed documents in the downloads section below. These files contain further helpful material that we encourage you to read.

Firstly, there are the scripts by Alan Taylor and Mark Chase, with added source notations. Then there is a list of relevant Bible passages, books, websites and videos. Click on the links below to open these documents. If you have any problems please contact Martin, [email protected], who will email them individually to you.

The books can be borrowed from the church office: please contact Nina to arrange this (see bottom of the page).

We hope you will be informed on new perspectives and that this will develop your understandings. After prayerful review, please us know your thoughts about these presentations and, even more importantly, if your views may have shifted somewhat as a result. We ask that you do this before the end of March, sending responses to Mark Price at [email protected]

We will not be holding a vote of congregational members to ultimately decide this matter because, as you know, under our leadership structure, we are an elder-led church. Your views will be taken into account and do influence our thoughts and actions. Our goal is to make a decision on women in leadership this spring.

The elders are all available to you for questions and discussions in the coming weeks. We will be glad to share what we have learnt.

In Christ,
Mark Price, Martin Vernon, Aaron Campbell, Garry Sedun, Mark Chase, Alan Taylor.