The truths that we uphold at Saanichton Bible Fellowship are expressed in our Doctrinal Statement (linked below).  It is a statement of essential beliefs held by Christians for centuries and provides a common foundation which is shared with Christians around the world.  Upon this foundation we developed our vision and mission statements and our community embraces the Core Values that define who we are as a community of believers.   



Jesus’ life expressed so that His love transforms lives.


Written Version:  Lift Up (Jesus in our worship), Build In (Jesus’ life in His people), Reach Out (locally and globally with Jesus’ love)

Verbal Version:   Lift Up, Build In, Reach Out

Core Values

We are Word Centred:  We believe that the Bible (God’s Written Word) and Jesus (the Living Word) should be at the centre of who we are.

We are Spirit-Filled: We depend on the in-filling presence of the Holy Spirit for guidance, worship and ministry to transform our lives and the world around us.

We are Unified yet Diverse: We value and learn from the unique journey of each person while rejoicing in the unity we have in Jesus.

We are Servants:  We believe that Jesus’ followers are called to humbly serve in areas of natural and spiritual gifting so that we, and those we serve, may express His life.

We are Gathered and Scattered:  We value a caring, mutually dependant community that joins together in prayer and worship, and is sent to share the love and life of Jesus to those around us.