The truths that we uphold at Saanichton Bible Fellowship are expressed in our Doctrinal Statement (linked below).  It is a statement of essential beliefs held by Christians for centuries and provides a common foundation which is shared with Christians around the world.  Upon this foundation our community embraces these Core Values that define who we are as a community of believers.   These are:

Christ-Centered : we believe that Jesus Christ must be central in our individual and corporate lives.  This is reflected in our practice of proclaiming God’s Word, enjoining in corporate worship that elevates Jesus, and celebrating the death, resurrection and ongoing presence of Jesus in communion.

Prayer : we believe that through prayer, our relationship with Jesus is deepened and our ministry to the world is powerful and life-changing.   We will encourage both intentional and spontaneous prayer so our individual and church life is infused with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Missional : we believe that the message of the cross is life changing and is the only hope for humanity.   We endeavor to express the sacrificial, compassionate life of Jesus in both word and deed by reaching out to our neighbors on the street and around the globe.

Equipping : we believe that an effective, dynamic church requires the involvement of all members that are empowered to serve in their areas of gifting.   To this end, we are committed to equip believers and to help find their role on the team of servants that make up the ministry of this church.

Community : we believe that personal wholeness comes through authentic and caring relationships with God’s people.   We seek to develop a united church community that transcends race, gender, age and social status by nurturing a safe environment through graceful support, accountability and encouragement.