Wondering what a SBF worship service is like?  This might help:

  • We have 2 Sunday services, 9.00am and 10.45am.  We live stream the later service. You can connect online via our Youtube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/@sbfchurch
  • We're a friendly and mixed bunch, and would love to meet you 'Meet in the Middle' over a tea or coffee and some goodies between 10.15 to 10.45am.

What about my kids / teenagers?

  • Our Sunday School program for kids and youth is at the 10.45am service. They remain with us altogether in the service for the first few songs.  Nursery - Grade 5 heads downstairs to SBF Kids, and Grade 6 - Grade 12 head through for SBF Youth.  We ask parents to sign your children in for SBF Kids.  

How can I get connected?

  • Hopefully, you'll meet people and feel yourself getting connected quickly.  There is a CONNECT table in the auditorium as you come in. There will be someone at the table to answer questions you may have. You can also sign up for our weekly email updates on the website homepage, this replaces the paper bulletin.


THE EAST DRIVE (closest to front door) IS NOW ENTRY ONLY  
(as we have an Emergency Department across the road, we have to make sure the road isn't blocked by traffic)

We've been filling the parking lot full recently, so we have overflow parking directly across the road at the Mt. Newton Centre. You can even park at the handicapped spaces (see photo below) Where the red space is, please keep it vacant for the staff, there is a sign posted by the door. Remember to use the crosswalk!