Wondering what a SBF worship service is like?  This might help:

  • We hold our Sunday service at 10.00am - both in person and Live Streamed.  You can connect online via our Youtube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/@saanichtonbiblefellowship8358/streams 
  • We're a friendly and mixed bunch, and would love to meet you over a tea or coffee before the service starts.  We also have tea & coffee served afterwards.
  • Coffee is available from 9.40am before the service in the welcome area, and after the service in our Fellowship Room.  

What about my kids / teenagers?

  • Kids and Youth remain with us altogether in the service for the first few songs.  Nursery - Grade 5 heads downstairs to SBF Kids, and Grade 6 - Grade 12 head through for SBF Youth.  We ask parents to sign your children in for SBF Kids.  

How can I get connected?

  • Hopefully, you'll meet people and feel yourself getting connected quickly.  But we also would love to follow up with you to make sure you have all the info you need.  To do that, you can fill out a newcomers card, or sign up for our weekly email updates on the website homepage.


  • We've been filling the parking lot full recently, so we have overflow parking directly across the road at the Mt. Newton Centre. (see photo below)