Worship and Music

church troyworshipeditedWorship at SBF is vibrant, passionate and always changing.  On any given Sunday, we are led through a variety of different instruments including pianos, drums, guitars, flutes and a cello. The music may be electric or acoustic. We are blessed to have a rich pool of wide-ranging musicians. We incorporate both modern and traditional music together to encourage our giving of our best to our Lord and King!

Teaching on Sundays mornings have included a variety of series presented by our three pastors and guest speakers. We are presently delving into 1 Peter: “Living Good Lives”. In the last year we have explored a wide selection of Biblical truth including: Unity in the Body, The Promises of God, The Gospel to the Least, The Seven Churches of Revelation, Living Well, and Lessons from the Life of Jeremiah. In January and February 2017 we have a series “What did Jesus really teach?”. Podcasts may be downloaded.

Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month

Our Arts in Worship team explore how artistic talents can be used to give expression through the seasons to help us grow in our corporate expression of worship. Contact Angela Cragg if you’d like to develop your artistic gifts in the team. Here’s an example, paintings by Christina Price illustrating our Spring 2015 teaching series:


There is always room for more volunteers for the Audio and Visuals team, operating our new sound system and the projectors. Contact: Peter Rashleigh.

If you are new and want to get to know many of us quickly, then why not join the rota of greeters, welcoming everyone with a smile as they enter the church. Other volunteering roles to consider include reading and praying “up front”, ushers, helping with weekly coffee and occasional lunches and nurturing the next generations.


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