Home Groups

There are a number of home groups that meet regularly through the week.  Our home groups vary in focus but the primary purpose for each remains the same – developing deeper friendships together.  Some of our home groups meet throughout the year and are open to new people joining in once, twice or for a season.  Others are smaller, more intimate and have definitive starting and ending dates.

For more information, please contact the church office or one of our pastors.  Bible studies at the church can be found here.

Currently, our evening home groups are:

Mondays at 7pm:

– Hosted by Doug & Julie Seads in Brentwood Bay. Current study: Who is this Man?

Tuesdays 6.45pm:

– Hosted by Dennis & Olive Scott in Sidney. Current study: Jeremiah.

Thursday 7pm:

– Hosted at alternating peninsula venues. Contact Maarten & Thelma Kooijman. Current study: James

Thursdays 7pm:

– Led by Mark & Henriette Price and hosted by Rosemary Price in Broadmead. Current study: Gospel of John.

Alternate Thursdays 7pm:

– Led by Steve & Cathy Sakiyama in Saanichton. Current study: Jeremiah.

*If you would like to join, host, or lead a home group please contact us here or 652-6311



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