History and Photo Gallery

Back in the fall of 1978 and spring of 1979, three families (Warner’s, Alton’s, Rice’s) were commended from Lambrick Park Church met with members of the Rashleigh family (where a Peninsula house church was meeting) and Joe Taylor of Sidney Bible Chapel to develop plans under God to start a new work on the Peninsula. It was agreed that a meeting place other than the Rashleigh home would be necessary for Sunday morning services and permission was obtained to rent the music room at Keating Elementary School.  Twenty-four people broke bread together on April 8th, 1979 to bring to fruition the first step in fulfilling the vision to plant a new evangelical church in Saanichton.

Although the use of Keating Elementary was a huge blessing, it became apparent that a building in which services and other activities could be carried on during the week would be essential for the ministry to move forward.  Consideration and prayer was given to the construction of a building on a one acre piece of farmland available through the generosity and vision of Peter Rashleigh.  The first phase of the building was completed and dedicated to the glory of God on March 11, 1984.

Since that time, SBF has continued in her ministry to serve the Lord on the Peninsula.  Our desire is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ not only through what we say but also through what we do in loving and serving our community. Our SBF community is diverse – with people of all ages/stages and a wide variety of denominational backgrounds.  We believe that our richness comes from celebrating that diversity as we come together as the people of God on Sundays and other days of the week.  As such, you’ll find a variety of different teachers, musicians, leaders involved in a multitude of different things here.  There is no such thing as a spectator at SBF!  With you even just reading this far, we consider you a part of our community and we hope to have the opportunity to welcome you in the days to come.